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Greece combines sun, sea and mountains, a fascinating ancient culture, friendly people and a varied landscape!

Many tourists like to come back down here, and for a lot of them finally awakens the understandable desire to create a permanent home here too – perhaps with a sea view.

A true paradise offering here on your doorstep, for divers, wonderful variety cliffs with an indescribably beautiful marine flora and fauna, surfers and sailors offering everything.

The sheltered bay Navarino and the wide-open sea and 5..5 Beaufort mostly steady. The golfers also come first! It just now creates the “biggest golf region in Europe with five 18-hole courses to Par-6! All golf course will be available from the house in about 30 minutes.

Whether to remain as a domicile or vacation property in Greece at this charming rural Peloponnese, under the bright sky of the Mediterranean has not a pleasant dream, for here in the Peloponnese, in the southwest, with its mild climate – just over two hours by plane from “Europe” to the middle of a enchanting Mediterranean landscape – our house is situated near the sea in the middle of a beautiful location in the evergreen olive groves of Korifasio !

Whether you will use your new “real estate on the Mediterranean” as an promising investment, as a resting seat for own use or as a place of business is this an emerging area of interest!

Be enchanted by the legendary Greek hospitality, the healthy Mediterranean cuisine and enjoy your life!

Nearby you will also find nature to admire, ancient monasteries and tiny mountain villages with their contemplative taverns, – where life seems to be really still. In many restaurants you can have a look over the cooks shoulder or in their pots, you can watch how to prepare fresh produce of the region or from their own garden and when they offer their own products from the olive grove or vineyard … – experiences that are trying to be worthwhile.

Every day there’s fresh fish in the port of Pilos directly from the fishing boats, if you want. The culture comes in the summer / outdoor stages not too short, though not always at the front door, but it’s worth it! Mr. Bernhard Langer says of this area in / long / imagedata / costa_navarino.pdf “This is something we find only very rarely. I must say ,that I am quite surprised how nice it is here. “

Did he really know how right he has?

Until we found this beautiful place we were looking for three years and then we settled down here. It took further three years until the house and pool fulfilled our wishes.

Now, after nine years in the land of the gods, it’s time for a change and new dreams.

We have committed ourselves to go to my home country and would be very pleased if someone would love this classical style villa with heated pool and lot of options for alternative use.

You are at works, give you a first impression!

We invite you to look further here and rummage around.

For more information or viewing appointments, we take our happy time for you.

Please call us or send us an e-mail.

Tel: 0030 694693 9680 E-mail: Skype: 1aOlivenbauer


GR-24001 Korifasio

Tel.: +30 694 693 9680


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